Okyay Law Office is established in 1986 in Izmir to serve legal consultancy services to its clients from Turkey and all over the World in the areas of corporate law, commercial law, labour law, IT law, trademark and patency law and financial leasing law.

By giving particular importance to legal safety of its clients, Okyay Law Office examines business subject of activity of its client and the concerning works undertaken, determines the legal characteristics selectively, offers best legal remedies to the clients within the updated legislation and remarks predictable and presumable legal risks, follows appropriateness of the possible legal remedies in cooperation with its clients, accompanies client’s compliance to the changes in the business processes and legislation.

Presenting legal consultancy services about the foundation, operations, articles of association and corporate activities for the local or foreigner companies operating in Turkey, presenting consultancy services for the administrative and commercial operations, founding and operating legal structures of the
national and international commercial operations, formalizing due diligence,
feasibility and preparation processes for the international projects and local companies, arrangement and follow up of multilateral agreement processes,
arrangement of commercial agreements and internal documentation,
service agreements, task distributions, occupational health and safety arrangements and implementations are core activities of Okyay Law Office.


Corporate Law

Okyay Law Office offers legal assistance to its national and international clients with its more than 35 years of experience and expert team on corporate law including;

Company formation,
– company type change,
– Merger and acquisition and
– Articles of association and
– Joint venture, shareholders
– Accompanying commercial
enterprises, agreements of
foundation, arrangement of
founding charters,
– Company transfers
– Institution of family
– Arranging, assisting and
registration of company
general assembly meetings,
– Preparing internal directives of
representation powers and
assignments of the companies,
internal directive of general
– Preparing board of directors
resolutions and assisting the
– Preparing company internal
– Preparing the agreements that
the companies are a party of,
– Assisting company liquidation

Commercial Law

Turkish Commercial Code and its amendments and implementation, problems in practice, sectors of our clients are meticulously pursued by Okyay Law Office.

Our national and international clients are being represented at the negotiations of commercial, service, franchising and all kinds of agreements that the companies are being a Party of, settlement of commercial disputes, formation, merger and acquisitions, general assemblies and board of directors
meetings, chamber of commerce and notary public, formation and closing of branches, agencies, liaison offices, international trade.

Labor Law and Occupational Health and Safety

Okyay Law Office serves its clients on the fields of individual and collective labor law and occupational health and safety law with its expert team and years of experience. The main services that we provide in the fields of labor law are;

Individual labor law/service agreements,
– Collective labor law/unions
and collective agreements,
– Duty and task definitions and
employees’ personnel files,
– Contractor, subcontractor,
supplier agreements,
– Responsibilities and liabilities
of employer and sub-
– Revision of occupational
health safety regulations and
social security
implementations of
corporations, reporting and
informing, attending the board
meetings with the workplace
doctors and occupational
safety specialists
– Preparing trainings to the
employees and managers
regarding the topics deemed as
necessary by the relevant administrator
– Giving legal guidance in cases
of work accidents and legal
assistance for the lawsuits.

Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patency Law

We provide consultancy to our national and international clients
in the fields of intellectual and industrial property law particularly in patent, utility model, trademark, design, intellectual and industrial rights and copyrights.

Our clients are being represented
before civil and criminal courts on
disputes of intellectual and
industrial property, trademark and
patent law.

IT Law

Legal assistance is provided to our national and international clients within the framework of legal legislation to comply with the technology life which develops consistently.

The relevant legislation is followed closely in
order to ensure the reliability of
our clients on the Internet and to
protect their right of privacy and
problems that our clients may
encounter are prevented.
Managing electronic
communication, data safety,
precautions against right of
privacy and other personal rights
violations, proceedings and
permissions of IT and
communication regulatory bodies,
written, visual, digital media
processes are within the scope of
our IT Law services.

Technology Development Zones Law

Okyay Law Office provides legal assistance to manager companies of technology development zones that are the birthplace of leading start-up companies nowadays. Our office is one of the leading offices in İzmir in providing legal support to technology development zones by means of its expert team who are well-versed in the legislation of technology development zones.

All kinds of services such as
formation of technology
development zones, area
assignment, additional area
assignment, manager company
corporate law, preparation of
articles of association and
amendments, holding general
assemblies and board of directors
meeting, preparing internal
directives and amendments,
arranging entrepreneur relations,
are managed by our office’s expert

Financial Leasing Law

Okyay Law Office provides legal services to its national and international clients on formation and license transactions of financial leasing companies,

preparation of financial leasing
and respective agreements,
preparation of financial leasing
procedures, management of
conformity process to Banking
Regulation and Supervision
Agency and relevant institutions,
execution of legal follow-ups
regarding collection of unpaid
leasing debts, liquidation of
financial leasing companies.

Renewable Energy Law

Okyay Law Office provides legal services to its national and international clients on renewable energy law and its procedures. The team of Okyay Law Office is specialized in foundation and licensing proceedings of renewable energy, project development, benefiting from governmental incentives.

Within this scope our clients are assisted
on foundation of solar energy,
wind energy and geothermal
energy power plants and
represented on the negotiations of
the agreements to be concluded
with national and international
Also, our clients are represented
before Energy Market Regulatory
Authority, Turkish Electricity
Transmission Corporation,
Turkish Electricity Distribution
Corporation and respective

Real Estate Law

Okyay Law Office accompanies all kinds of business transactions in municipalities, directorates of land registry and directorates of environment and urbanization related to its clients’ real estates,

cancellation, merger and division transactions before directorates of land registry and cadastre, preparing lease agreements, mortgage documents; accompanies valuation transactions before Capital Market Board certified corporations.

Protection of Personal Data

We provide legal service to our clients on protection of personal data with our expert team that closely pursues Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and respective legislation.

The process envisaged in Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 such as
preparation of protection of personal data policies for our clients in order to comply with the Law, preparation of clarification documents to enlighten the data owners, preparation of explicit consent documents for the collection of consents, preparation of personal data inventories, registration to VERBİS (data controller registry information system), adapting the agreements to the provisions of personal data protection, assisting destruction processes are managed by Okyay Law Office. The process is conducted by means of awareness trainings and analyses.


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